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hello stranger, goodbye

I recently registered on WordPress to be part of a blog group then I remembered my LJ account. So here I am, typing away with really no post or topic in mind. Then my brother points out my default pic. It's a picture of a cat, our house cat Taba. Taba passed away a few weeks back and we've been looking for pictures of him so we can properly mark and remember his passing. We looked up on our tablets, phones, old phones and cameras but we couldn't find any. Now I find out that it was here all along. With that, I'll make this post a little tribute for him.

[Taba the housecat....]

Taba was the only one who survived among his three siblings. They were Uno, Dos and Tres. Dos was still a kitten when he/she (we didn't check) died while Uno just one day mysteriously disappeared. And that left, Tres who we later called Taba because he would eat until his stomach was so big that he would walk all funny and cute.

He was a house cat simply because he would never leave the house. He'd be outside, guarding and pouncing around but he rarely leaves our backyard. Something must have happened when he was a kitten that left him traumatized. He used to sneak inside the house but after an encounter with our electric water pump, he stopped going inside too.

When our family moved to a different house, Taba stayed with the next occupants and we left him in their care. Though they say they would leave him food, Taba was no longer Taba. He slimmed down and never got back to his round shaped physique. Despite that, we still called him Taba.

He was a good cat, not only because he would leave 'offerings' of his catch (we would find birds, lizards in our doorstep), but because he's a good brother to Takgu (another cat). He would let the younger one play with him even playfully bite his ear and play with his tail. TakGu would eventually grow bigger and surpass him but their (cat) duels would always be close. I saw them fighting once; I had to throw buckets of water at them to stop.

He was with our family for nine years and we were very sad when we found him. No more house cat guarding our backyard, no more Taba for TakGu to bother and play with.

Thank you for being part of our family and sticking with us. You were a very sweet and loyal cat. We will miss you. .

MEME. 5 things....

Now I Write...

I have a list of unposted journal entries in my OneNote. Unposted because I haven’t finished writing them or they are finished (inside my head) but I have typed them down yet. And an entry lies somewhere in this little journal of mine saying that Im going to write more often.

Well, I have been writing. I’m just too darn lazy to post them.

I’ve been writing every now and then but they’re just ideas scrambled in this brain of mine.
Ever get to the point when you’re so sleepy and you want to sleep but your mind just won’t let you? And then you start to think about you day, the day before and the day before that. Thinking about your life problems, ways to solve them, wishing that you’re inside the SIMS world so you can use cheats to solve your problems. Type “rosebud” or “motherlode” if you’re out of cash. or use the “thinking cap” to increase learning skills or drink the “elixir of life” to reverse aging.

But real life is real and we could only deal with it the “real” way. Fantasies and dreams don’t count for anything in this world.

French is PAIN.

 The French language is said to be a  beautiful. The language of love. 
But how can I love something that MAKES MY BRAIN BLEED. O.O
Studying Japanese and Chinese is easier than this...

Our class were given the assignment of translating some English words and sentences to French. Turns out, online translators aren't reliable and what is a Cat like me to do? O,o

Translate this to FrenchCollapse )
I am soooo clueless.

LJ. I love you.

I should write on LJ more often.

Aside from a high school best friend and a SoEul sister, no one here knows me on LJ personally.

I can rant, bitch about things (I'll put it undercut) all I want without worrying what my friends, tito, titas, cousins, second cousins, professors, classmates, random Facebook people will think about me. My grandma's on Facebook, by the way.

I've had this account for more than a year and although I try, I haven't really been a good updater. It's not that there's much to update anyway.

My life is pretty simple. I go to school, I go home. Sometimes, I don't go to school just because I feel like it .
Ofcourse, we all have our quota of life's dramas. That will always be a constant.
But really, nothing overly dramatic in this Cat's life.
So when something really special or out of the ordinary happens, I should effing write it down and post it here. (I write my ramblings on tissue papers sometimes grocery receipt. So I better load it here.)
So, I'm in a really Bad or Good mood, I should write. No matter how freaking tired I am. Basta, write.
or Doodle.


OMG. I AM a CAT(minus the whiskers)!!

My lj username is ang_pusa translated in English: The cat. 

It's mostly because my mom likes to call me keeeet or cat. And my dad (because my zodiac sign is Leo) likes to think of me as a Lion, a big cat.
So, I actually grew up thinking I somehow (magically, supernaturally)  I am of Feline ancestry.
An I found out something about me to today that makes me more cat-like. I sleep a lot. and I mean a LOT.

Just last Saturday, I got home from school at around 5 o'clock in the afternoon. I was completely drained and wasted. Toxic to be exact.
So I slept. Woke up. At around 9. The following day.
Which means I slept for 16 hours.

"Nighttime activities are the norm for nocturnal animals such as cats. Given the choice, a cat would sleep all day long and then about eight or nine in the evening, she would get up, stretch, scratch, eliminate and go about the business of being a cat. Cats are most active from middle/late evening to the early hours of the morning." -(http://www.perfectpaws.com/noct.html)

^^^ That TOTALLY describes me.
So. I AM a Cat. *bows*

A Pusa's Rant

Someone I will never be...

RANT. RANTCollapse )


01. What song(s) are you currently addicted to?

#Songs from the Glee soundtrack and a couple of boyband (Westlife) songs.

02. What was the last movie you saw?

#A Filipino Indie Movie. Paano ko Sasabihin staring Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee

03. Blimps or Hot-Air Balloons:

#I don’t know what a blimp is so I go with hot air balloons. XD

04. What are you doing right now?

#Watching commentaries about the Presidential inauguration

05. What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?

#Glee shipping: Mike/Quinn Artie/Tina BoysOverFlowers: SoEul and JiHoo-JaeKyung

06. What's one thing you miss about being a kid?

#Playing on the streets. Summer Vacations.

07. What side of the bed do you sleep on?

#I move a lot while sleeping so I sleep right at the middle so I don't fall off.

08. What was the last thing you bought?

#Pinipig. Ice Cream.

09. Tables or Chairs


10. If you could speak any language(s) (including that of animals, plants, rainbows, whatever floats your boat), what would it be?

#Japanese (So I can watch JDramas and Animes without having to wait forsubtitles)
Chinese (Most spoken language in the world. Will come in handy)
Korean (Kpop. Kdramas)
French (so I can pass my French Class)
Latin (coz it would be really cool to speak a dead language. :D).
And I want to understand cats and dolphins.

11. What do you do when you're in a bad mood?

#listen to some good music or sleep. Or eat.

12. What was the last meal you ate?

#Rice. Rice. Rice.

13. Current OTP?

#TARTIE (Artie and Tina of Glee)

14. Five things you can't live without.

#A notebook
#A pen
#Water. I’m always thirsty.
#a Clock
#My Bible

15. Find the closest book currently sitting near you and flip to page 44. What is the first sentence of the second paragraph?
# "Natural selection is a genetic matter: a change in the growth programme of a species cannot be brought about by external alterations of he individual organism."
-Not All ln The Mind (How Unsuspected Food Allergy Can Affect Your Body - And Your Mind) by Dr. Richard Mackarness
It's my dad's book.

16. What's something you'd like to say to someone right now?

#“I’m never gonna say goodbye…”

17. What are you looking forward to?

#Getting my thesis done.

18. What is playing out of your speakers, right now?

#Forever by Chris Brown

19. Ask me a question in a comment and I shall reply


Three names I go by:
1. KiT
2. Kira
3. Riki

Three jobs I have had:
1. Service Crew
2. Pre-school teacher aide
3. Tutor

Three places I have lived:
1. Pasay City, Philippines
2. Cavite, Philippines
3. Makati City, Philippines

Three favourite drinks:
1. water
2. mango juice/shake (green and yellow)
3. DutchMill. Strawberry yogurt drink

Three TV shows I watch: (right now)
2. Juicy. >.<
3. True Blood

Three places I have been:
1. Ku Chi Tunnels in Vietnam
2. Taipei 101
3. Romblon

Three places I would like to visit:
1. S. Korea
2. Japan
3. the whole of Europe (mostly the western part)

Three favorite old TV shows:
1. Lizzie Mcguire (I was 12 then!)
2. That’s so Raven (I’m a Disney baby. I know.)
3. Sweet Valley High (laugh)

Three favorite dishes:
1. Sinigang
2. Kare-Kare
3. New York Cheesecake

Three makeup/beauty products I cannot live without:
1. lip balm
2. loose powder
3. brown eyeliner

Three things I’m looking forward to:
1. Finishing my thesis
2. Surviving French class
3. Season 2 of Glee

Date completed: 30.07.2010

Charice. now Officially a Gleek.

Charice on Glee

I LOVE Glee and I like Charice.
And after seeing super negative comments, reactions, tweets on her being in Glee made me realize how much a fan I am subconsciously.  I just felt I need to defend her in some way. That explains the tweets I did mentioning Charice. I was a closet fan. Was.

She's known for her song "Pyramid" featuring Iyaz and her Whitney Houston/Celine Dion renditions . And she can REALLY sing (unlike other tweeny bopper screeching singer-ish girl stars. Will not name names.) . 
David Foster produced her album and Oprah is her  fairy godmother (manager/backer). Both are also her godparents. She's been featured in Ellen DeGeneres' show and on the Oprah Show 4 times.
Performed with *ahem* the Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban (kill yourself if you don’t know him), Lea Salonga… the list goes on (and continues to go on)
Performed at Oscar After parties, Presidential Inaugurations (or pre-inaugural parties), Disney-like parade shows, International Shows, Shows. Radio Shows. Alvin Squeakquel. I lost track.
So who's to say she can't sing?
So she CAN sing. We've established that. BUT can she act?
She has grown a lot as a singer, an artist but acting is different.
I love the girl and I think she has an amazing voice BUT I think she needs to take acting lessons, workshops, whatever it takes to prepare for Glee.
Specially with a show like that. They have an amazing cast with Broadway backgrounds, TV exposures, commercials. Had extremely talented guest stars. ONJ, JB, NPH, KC...
And with a  myriad of (over-critical) fans, she will be studied like cell sample of Lochness under a super electron microscope. So. Workshopsss. And pay attention and learn from her co-stars. :D
She'll be Rachel Berry's rival. In singing. Don't think she'll compete with Rachel's diva-ness. That would require a LOT of lines and foreign exchange students don't normally  get a long  lines. And she's not fluent in English. (She's not yet very good in expressing herself in English. I've seen interviews of her conducted in English and her native tongue. Big difference.)

As to who's gonna be the male Glee character that would take a liking on her.
Principal Figgins - No. I refuse to consider this.
Burt Hummel-Hell to the No.
Will Shuester- NO. He has filled his quota of being the crush of teenage girl. ei. Suzy Pepper, Rachel Berry. . .
Ken Tanaka-He's still not over Emma…
Sandy the Stalker-Busy with tea ceremonies. Japanese dolls. Desperate Housewives fanfiction.
Puck-Just been a baby daddy. Can target other girls. e.i. Santana. Quinn. Santana. Rachel. Quinn. Rachel.
Finn-toooo tall. O.O Can you imagine. Frankensteen and…
Kurt-He will have a boyfriend this season, thank you very much.
Artie- uhm. This is a possibility. Since Artie is into directing, seeing a new talent he can be inspired or something. Height difference. Clear. He's always sitting down anyway. And even the cast's age difference. Kevin's 22, Charice is 18. Cory and Mark is 28-ish? 10 year diff? O.o (I SHIP TARTIE!!!) Competition for Tina?
Mike-Real Life age difference is big. But I'm in for some Asian love so I'll take it as a possibility. XD  (But I like Brit-Mike or Rachel-Mike) They can focus on Mike's passion for dancing(pop and locking)  and  Charice's character's singing ability.
Matt- Big Possibility. Finally, a story line for the other other other other football player. Yey.
Jacob Ben Israel- Maybe… :D Rachel will lose one of her biggest fanatic (stalker).
Male Mercedes- If he's like Iyaz…

So. Male Mercedes. Matt. Mike. Artie. And. Jacob Isaac.

Best of Luck Charice.