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LJ. I love you.

I should write on LJ more often.

Aside from a high school best friend and a SoEul sister, no one here knows me on LJ personally.

I can rant, bitch about things (I'll put it undercut) all I want without worrying what my friends, tito, titas, cousins, second cousins, professors, classmates, random Facebook people will think about me. My grandma's on Facebook, by the way.

I've had this account for more than a year and although I try, I haven't really been a good updater. It's not that there's much to update anyway.

My life is pretty simple. I go to school, I go home. Sometimes, I don't go to school just because I feel like it .
Ofcourse, we all have our quota of life's dramas. That will always be a constant.
But really, nothing overly dramatic in this Cat's life.
So when something really special or out of the ordinary happens, I should effing write it down and post it here. (I write my ramblings on tissue papers sometimes grocery receipt. So I better load it here.)
So, I'm in a really Bad or Good mood, I should write. No matter how freaking tired I am. Basta, write.
or Doodle.



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Jul. 21st, 2010 05:13 pm (UTC)
aww but that's the POINT of LJ (in my opinion) ^-^ I only really have one real life friend on here but it doesn't stop me ;) heheh
it's like.. for me, I use LJ as an outlet to rant, to fangirl, to whatever. just get things off your chest- no matter how mundane or nerdy it is ^-^
there's always someone out there that will spot something in your post and go "oh! I have a connection to this" and ..stuff, lol.
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