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French is PAIN.

 The French language is said to be a  beautiful. The language of love. 
But how can I love something that MAKES MY BRAIN BLEED. O.O
Studying Japanese and Chinese is easier than this...

Our class were given the assignment of translating some English words and sentences to French. Turns out, online translators aren't reliable and what is a Cat like me to do? O,o

1. I am a lawyer
2. Antoine is a French accountant
3. We are students
4. He is an Italian translator
5. They are Russians
6. She is a Spanish chef (familiar-singular)
7. You are Chinese(male)
8 They are Japanese writers(all male)
9. Jean-claude vandame is a Belgian actor
10. Enrique Iglesias is Spanish singer
11. Nadya is a French singer
12. Leonardo da vinci is an Italian artist
13. Victor hugo is a French writer
14. Sigmund freund is a French writer
15. Marc is an interpreter
16. I am a Filipino translator
17. she is an accountant
18. we are musicians
19. Monsieur legrard is a producer
20. I am a steward

1. 925
2. 5432
3. 839
4. 677
5. 6700
6. 242
7. 4391
8. 190
9. 9721
10. 333

I am soooo clueless.


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Jul. 27th, 2010 03:22 pm (UTC)
ak! the only languages I've ever studied were Japanese and sign language and those were hard! Those European languages are just beyond me too x.x
good luck!
Jul. 28th, 2010 01:35 pm (UTC)
You studied sign language! that is sooo cool.
I'm planning to study it too actually. but time. I need TIME.
Japanese(conversations) is easy. Writing Kanji hurts a lot though.
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