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MEME. 5 things....

 Five things you will find if you open your bag:
1. Ballpen
2. Cellphone
3. Wallet
4. House Keys
5 Notebook

Five things in my bedroom:
1. An old "aparador"
2. A "Wake Up! Wake Up!" poster
3. Book currently reading
4. List of "confessions"
5. Unarranged papers

Five things I’ve always wanted to do in my life:
1. Become a scientist, astronaut, inventor, chemist...
2. Write a novel and publish it
3. Watch an ARASHI concert. In Tokyo Dome. Or just tour Japan.
4. Find my purpose
5. Follow the Plan

Five things that make me very happy:
1. Mangoes
2. Taba
3. being with my family
4. Unlimited internet access!!!
5. Cable TV

Five things I’m currently into:
1. Glee
2. The Comanche Series
3. Thesis. :)
4. Marty's, the vegan chicharon
5. SoEul <3

Five things on my to-do list:
1. Finish my thesis
2. Get a part time job
3. Go on a trip with friends
4. Write
5. Clean

Five things people may or may not know about me:
1. I don't like pens without a cap.
2. I have only been massaged once.
3. I want to learn how to sew so I can alter the clothes stuck in the house.
4. I'm a good listener.
5. I'm good in keeping secrets.

Five movies that affected your life in a big or small way:
1. The Lord of the Rings trilogy - *bows to Tolkien*
2. The Incredibles - *last movie my family watched in a movie theater*
3. The DollMaster
4. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
5. Heavenly Forest

Five items you would take with you if your house was on fire:
1. Laptop
2. Cellphone
3. Poochie
4. My idea notebook
5. My thesis This box full of letters and notes

Five things you wish would go away:
2. 16 pounds
3. Fear
4. Typhoons. Natural Calamities.
5. Poverty