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hello stranger, goodbye

I recently registered on WordPress to be part of a blog group then I remembered my LJ account. So here I am, typing away with really no post or topic in mind. Then my brother points out my default pic. It's a picture of a cat, our house cat Taba. Taba passed away a few weeks back and we've been looking for pictures of him so we can properly mark and remember his passing. We looked up on our tablets, phones, old phones and cameras but we couldn't find any. Now I find out that it was here all along. With that, I'll make this post a little tribute for him.

[Taba the housecat....]

Taba was the only one who survived among his three siblings. They were Uno, Dos and Tres. Dos was still a kitten when he/she (we didn't check) died while Uno just one day mysteriously disappeared. And that left, Tres who we later called Taba because he would eat until his stomach was so big that he would walk all funny and cute.

He was a house cat simply because he would never leave the house. He'd be outside, guarding and pouncing around but he rarely leaves our backyard. Something must have happened when he was a kitten that left him traumatized. He used to sneak inside the house but after an encounter with our electric water pump, he stopped going inside too.

When our family moved to a different house, Taba stayed with the next occupants and we left him in their care. Though they say they would leave him food, Taba was no longer Taba. He slimmed down and never got back to his round shaped physique. Despite that, we still called him Taba.

He was a good cat, not only because he would leave 'offerings' of his catch (we would find birds, lizards in our doorstep), but because he's a good brother to Takgu (another cat). He would let the younger one play with him even playfully bite his ear and play with his tail. TakGu would eventually grow bigger and surpass him but their (cat) duels would always be close. I saw them fighting once; I had to throw buckets of water at them to stop.

He was with our family for nine years and we were very sad when we found him. No more house cat guarding our backyard, no more Taba for TakGu to bother and play with.

Thank you for being part of our family and sticking with us. You were a very sweet and loyal cat. We will miss you. .