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8 Reasons why I like Artie

(Hnmm. I have neglected my LJ account for a while. Blame Facebook and Real Life of that. :P)

1. I love the NLT look. (Nerdy Looking Teen*)
The Piano-Belt and the Suspenders.
*term was used by a DJ during a radio interview of Jenna and Kevin, August-ish of 2009.

2. I'm a sucker for guys wearing heavy rimmed angular glasses.
again, the NLT* look.

3. He has some mad guitar playing skills. An oh, the directs music videos too. Sort of.

Keep in Mind, Artie not Kevin.

4. Oh, how can you not love that dreamy soulful voice?

5. I love the way he talks. so nerdy. :D

6. He knows when to say he's wrong.

He'd even get down on one keep if he could.

7. He can totally rock in those Wheels!
Proud Artie!

8. He still have full use of... you know. ;)

Boys over Flower fans are CRAZY.


Yes. Crazy. They're gaga-over the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, the Cinderella like story of Wonder Girl Geum Jan Di, its F4 members Gu Jun Pyo, Yun Ji Hoo, So Yi Jeong and Song Woo Bin. Not to mention the undeniable chemistry between Gaile and Yi Jeong.

Yes. Boys over Flowers fans are crazy.

There are a lot of us. We carry the pandemic ABoF1 virus.
The virus is highly contagious. It can be transferred through air, water, via the cyberspace... You can't escape it.  Once you're infected, it takes over you entire body system, your mind, your senses, your emotions.
 You start imagining you're Geum Jandi (or Gaile) in the beach with Jun Pyo (*insert f4 member here*).
You write fanfictions. (or you stalk writers ans leave a review saying *update sooooooooon!*)
You join fansites. damn, you made fansites and groups.
You post about them at the forums. 
Your avatar and signature is BoF related. (kahit hindi ka marunong mag photoshop, pinilit mong aralin)
You daydream about them in class. (hindi ka nakikinig sa lesson kaya bumagsak ka sa quiz)
You memorized the hangul and translated lyrics of the OSTs. *almost paradise...*
You eagerly anticipate the next episode. (Inaway mo yung driver kasi ang bagal magpatakbo, hindi mo naabutan ang BoF.... umiyak ka.).
You have an F4 picture inside your wallet.
(sinasabi mo, "boyfriend/asawa ko")
You have an F4 poster in your room. (tinititigan mo bago ka matulog)

You went to the FAN MEET UP last Saturday, July 4 2009.
(nagaway pa kayo ng mama mo. XD)

Its a confirmed case. You're one infected with the BoF virus.

Don't quarantine yourself. Spread the virus!!! bwahaha.

I'm proud to be one!!!!!
are you one of us? XDDD

addict na kung addict, chaka na kung chaka, baduy na kung baduy.
I don't care. (e, e, e, er. *2NE1*)

SoEul and School

I can't remember the exact date I 'officially' became a SoEul fan (or SoEulmate) but approximately, I think it's been 6 months. Why? Because my whole Net activities revolved around SoEul for that 6 months. Before that, I would, check my mail, check my friendster, check my multiply, check my facebook (and play some games, not that anyone can resist them) and check on some random forums and then leave.
NAOW, I would go to the SoEulmates chatroom, the SoEulmates Forum, check for SoEul fanfic updates and more SoEul related activities. After that, I check my facebook. :D
I'm kinda surprised at myself how I still keep this up. But its really nice when you're in a company of people who are as crazy and as delusional as you even if they're a continent away from you. It makes me feel normal.
Don't you just love the Internet? :D

Two weeks after the school opening, I think I'm feeling the pressure of being a sempai (upperclassman). Adding to that pressure, the mention of "Oh, Konti na lang gagraduate ka na" (You're going to graduate soon...) everytime I answer, i'm in my third year of college. >.< Ay-ay-ay.
I dun even have a definite topic for my thesis yet. I thought of some topics, but whether they are "do-able" with my resources and the time, I'm not sure. I still need to think about it...

> I'm marveled as to why I chose a pink lay out for my account. I'm still getting used to it. Which reminds me, my multiply account is also pink. O.O
The Cat is evolving.


(Un) Officially Enrolled

It's 2:53 pm and its friggin' raining, pouring, with strong gusts of wind included. I hate hot summer days but I hate it more when it rains. T.T Coz I can't do anything with out dragging my limbs to do the deed. I'm still lazy. But I'm working on it though!! Trying not to be lazy anymore especially now that school will be starting in a few days.
I still don't have my registration form because they need 3-5 days to clear the check. And school will start in about, what, 5 days? Hnm. I need to adjust my sleeping habits too. I can stay up until 5 am anymore. So, goodbye moon and stars, hello hot sun. :P
Crap. I need to think of a topic for my thesis. ASAP.
One day, I asked myself. Why is it that you have a live journal account yet you do not have any journal entries?
And so after weeks of procrastinating and slacking at home, I'm finally writing my first ever entry.

My Uncle, (do not be deceived by the term he is still very young. Mid-20s I think.), introduced me to LJ. I was a little interested so I signed up. uploaded some pcs, did my profile, the likes. After that, I didn't know what to do. Okay, I get it,its a livejournal... so I'm suppose to write. Tried to write. Couldn't think of anything interesting to write about me, my life or my experiences. I didn't have "fanatic" tendecies back then and the absence of a personal computer was a rooting problem. I short, I forgot about LJ, my account and everything about it.

But why keep an account now?

Well, apparently, everytime I Google search a particular drama, asian actor, music or show, there is always an LJ page listed in the somewhere down the results and when I click on it, Lo! and behold, it is for LJ users only. *frowns* so what's a fangirl to do?
Okay, Imma sign up.

Viola. I have an LJ account.
Though like before, I'm still O.O on what to do with this.

Hopefully, this will change...

Current Brain Status:
<In love with the SoEulmates pair.>
<O.O by Muzushima Hiro's wedding>
<loving Miura Haruma>
<stalking a fanfic>